Know More About Us!

Our Mission

To provide our community with a space to develop their yoga practice, mental well-being and sense of community. Through the mediums of music, yoga, and different arts we aim to encourage people to develop their interests, find new ones amongst us and to engage in stimulating activities throughout the year.

Our Vision

To inspire creativity, peace of mind and innovation within a community of healthy, happy people.

La Dolce Vita is a professional establishment that caters to everyone and their individual needs. With an Eco-Friendly, Vintage Chic backdrop, La Dolce Vita presents the perfect place to unwind in the garden or take part in our many activities on offer. Regular classes include Yoga, Capoeira, Arts and Music as well as a plethora of events being held there is something for everyone, including the option of renting your own room to enable your passion to take flight. All these options have been carefully selected to allow our community here in Al Ain the chance to live a healthy lifestyle by practicing yoga or Capoeira, engage in musical activities which are scientifically proven to improve memory and productiveness. Taking an art class at the center can also improve mindfulness – the ever-fashionable way to relax! We offer classes at different times throughout the day to ensure everyone has a chance to step back from their everyday life and try something new at a time that suits them. The team at La Dolce Vita are on hand throughout the day to ensure you are being well cared for and all your needs are met.